Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Blog Post!

This is my first blog post, in case you couldn't already tell :P. Not a whole lot going on over here, just chilling, drinking some Sprite, and listening to some music. I can't believe August is almost over- I swear it feels like the month just started. Now I hear about schools getting ready to start up again- which definitely makes me glad I'm finished with school. I really used to dread this time of year. School was alright, just not really all that fun and it was never something I could really look forward to. I remember some kids were actually excited to be at school, what nerds, lol. I can enjoy learning, but I like to decide what subjects I want to learn more about and with high school and quite a bit of the time at college, you're stuck studying stuff that doesn't really interest you- which for me was science. I'm happy that when I see/hear the ads on tv, in the newspaper, and on the radio, I don't have to feel that fear and dread that was usually associated with starting up school again. Now I can sit back and relax during the last bit of summer :).

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