Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vacation at the zoo and a family visit.

This past week I got to have a little vacation with my parents, sister, and dogs. We went to Binder Park Zoo for the day- mom stayed with the dogs while my dad, sister, and I walked through the zoo. I had never been to that zoo even though it's really not all that far from home. It was actually a pretty decent sized zoo- it's not as good as the Columbus zoo even though you're paying the same price, but it was nice. I absolutely love just getting to see the types of animals they have at a zoo. Monkeys are always a favorite for me- it's amazing how similar humans are to monkeys and they are just too cute! One really cool thing about the zoo was how close you can get to the giraffes. You walk up this ramp and get face to face with them and for a buck you're able to buy a piece of lettuce and feed them. Kelly bought a piece and we broke it in half and each got to feed a giraffe. The tongues on them are insane, lol. The weather was also pretty nice- it was sunny and warm, but not to the point where we were uncomfortable- which was nice. When dad and Kelly went to that zoo years ago without me, they said it was way too hot and that the poor animals were just resting instead of being active like they were this week when we went. I got some good pictures of my trip to the zoo and our stay at the Red Roof Inn in Coldwater, so I'll probably get those printed sometime soon.

Today my grandparents, aunt, and uncle came over for a visit and to watch the classic cars that were in town. I didn't feel like going, so I just stayed home with the dogs. We got some pizza which was sooo good. I love it when you can find a good local pizza place that serves great pizza. I like places like Pizza Hut, but sometimes I get tired of the chains. It just really sucks when you find a good pizza place and then they move or just close up for whatever reasons. It's been a while since I've had pizza, so it nice being able to have some today and it was really nice getting to see my relatives. It's like the only time they come over is for Christmas Eve- we usually end up just going up to see them, so it was definitely nice to see them at our house during the summer.

Some random thoughts on the show Big Brother: Ugh, this season has been pretty frustrating. For a while there it was really hard to pick a favorite house guest, then it seems once I do pick one, they get booted. And this week was extremely frustrating with the HG Matt. I hate it when I'm watching these reality shows and I know what people should be doing and then they do the opposite. Matt had so many opportunities to make big moves or just stay in the game, but he was loyal to the wrong people and it resulted in him getting evicted from the house/game. It was pretty sad, but I think he was just too cocky and thought he couldn't be stopped, so in a way I was glad to just see him go, because I was getting really tired of his game play. But now this week is really sucking- the one person I really wanted to go home, Enzo, is safe. So now it will either be Ragan or Britney going home- most likely Britney. I would just really hate a floater to win the game- that will make this BB season so disappointing.

Well that's what's been going on and my feelings on BB. Talk to you later when there's something interesting to write about.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nikon Coolpix S3000 Giveaway!

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My First Blog Post!

This is my first blog post, in case you couldn't already tell :P. Not a whole lot going on over here, just chilling, drinking some Sprite, and listening to some music. I can't believe August is almost over- I swear it feels like the month just started. Now I hear about schools getting ready to start up again- which definitely makes me glad I'm finished with school. I really used to dread this time of year. School was alright, just not really all that fun and it was never something I could really look forward to. I remember some kids were actually excited to be at school, what nerds, lol. I can enjoy learning, but I like to decide what subjects I want to learn more about and with high school and quite a bit of the time at college, you're stuck studying stuff that doesn't really interest you- which for me was science. I'm happy that when I see/hear the ads on tv, in the newspaper, and on the radio, I don't have to feel that fear and dread that was usually associated with starting up school again. Now I can sit back and relax during the last bit of summer :).